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Hostech By TUSID

Exhibition: Hostech By TUSID International Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Pastry Equipment and Technology Fair

Organizer: İstanbul Fuarcılık A.Ş.

Business Association: TUSİD Industrial Kitchen, Laundry Service and Catering Equipment Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association

Place: CNR EXPO Yeşilköy

Targeted Participant: 800

Fair Ground: 80.000m2

"Hostech by Tusid - International Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Pastry Equipment and Technology Fair", the biggest fair in Eurasia, has been completed in the areas of hotel, restaurant, gastronomy and kitchen equipment.

The fair organized at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy was visited by a total of 24,070 professionals, 4,013 foreigners.

Tahsin Öztiryaki, the vice chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), which provides information on the fair and the sector, said that the Turkish culinary sector proved to be rundown all over the world and said: "Turkish investors are also more reliable in the sector. We are so good that there is no reason why imported products in the sector demand. We should not take this currency out, use it in other jobs. Our vision is not to be in the products of other countries at a time when the eyes of all the investors in the world are in our products. "Öztiryaki said," The industry has reached a position to meet all the needs of a hotel from a to z with 90% In this case, we expect our Turkish investors to pay attention to the use of our products that have proved their success and quality ".

"The best fair in the history of foreign participation"
Industrial Kitchen, Laundry Service and Catering Equipment Industry and Businessmen Association (TUSİD) President Ahmet Gürkaynak said that this year Hostech by Tusid is the best fair in terms of foreign participation.

Gürkaynak is pleased to show that there are so many foreign buyers interested in the furoshima in a time when troubles in the global arena are experiencing. There is a good chance that Gürkaynak will visit Germany, Italy, France, England, India, Israel, Poland, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Russia, Algeria and Greece 's industry professionals from over 60 countries visited. "Many companies in the fuard received orders loaded. Ahmet Gürkaynak, who spoke on the subject of the development of gastronomic tourism depends on the sector and the furos. "If we think that only one firm has received a $ 1 million order, the sector will be a significant contributor in the long run."

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Agroexpo | International Agriculture and Livestock Fair | Izmir

Agroexpo | International Agriculture and Livestock Fair | Izmir

MOST EXPERIENCED ADDRESS FOR AGRICULTURE FAIRS IN TURKEY; ORION FAIR SERVICES Inc. Co. ? Orion Fair Services and Public Relations Inc. Co. is founded in 1986 and specialized on fair organizations. Their journey carry on by İzmir International Agriculture and Denizli Agriculture fairs. Company organized Turkey’s first agriculture fair in Söke-Aydın at 1993 and continue to organize fairs in different parts of Turkey throughout the years which makes Orion definitely the most experienced fair organization company in the sector. ? Turkey’s largest among the four largest International Agriculture and Livestock fair in Europe, 16th AGROEXPO held on 23-27 June 2021. We had 774 brand and 126.332 visitor from 80 countries. Organized B2B Meetings generated around $1,5 billion worth of business volume among the buyer delegations, visitors, exhibitors and company executives. As it was the first agriculture fair in almost two years the fair has a huge impact on moral of the sector. Especially the delegation participations were beyond expectations and led AGROEXPO exhibitors to sign many prestigious deals during the fair. ? BUYER DELEGATIONS CREATED 1,5 BILLION DOLAR WORTH OF BUSINESS VOLUME ? Organized by Orion Fair Services Inc. Co most rooted and important meeting point for the sector AGROEXPO gathered 774 brand from 80 countries. B2B Meetings held by Orion Fair on the second day of the fair by the attendance of 287executive delegates from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Turkic Republics and Turkish exhibitors. Also first day of the fair Buyer Delegations B2B Meetings held under the patronage of Trade Ministry by Aegean Exporters’ Associations with the attendance of 42 foreign company executives. Overall B2B meetings generate 1.5 billion dollar worth of business by the attendance of 329 foreign buyer delegates. ? In 2022 WORLD AGRICULTURE SECTOR WILL MEET AGAIN FOR THE 17th TIME AT AGROEXPO ? AGROEXPO is getting ready to gather World and Turkish Agriculture for the 17th time on 2-6 February 2022. In 2022 once again AGROEXPO International Agriculture and Livestock Fair will be held at Turkey’s largest Fairground, Fuar İzmir, with 110.000 sqm closed area and 12 holes. The fair is aiming to host important international manufacturers, agriculture and livestock companies, local and international tractor manufacturers and our farmers. On its 17th year the fair will be held in İzmir which is also called as the Pearl of Aegean.
IFM - Sleepwell Expo Yatak ve Teknolojileri Fuarı

IFM - Sleepwell Expo Yatak ve Teknolojileri Fuarı

Take your place in the most comprehensive bedding main industry, subsidiary industry, machinery and equipments exhibition of Turkey and Eurasia Region, which directs raw material, bed main industry, subsidiary industry and machinery investments in the sector! The first and only specific fair of Turkey, which has an important place in the world in bed production,
The possibility of opening the outer pulley for small and medium sized companies,
Opportunities to meet industry professionals and purchasing authorities from various countries around the world.
The most important international sales and promotion environment that the bedding industry can meet with new customers.
Scope of Exhibition
Special Beds, Bedding Beds, Bedding Beds, Beds, Beds, Beds, Beds, Beds, Beds, Beds, Bedspreads, Bedspreads, Bedspreads, Bedspreads, Bedspreads, Bedspreads, Bed Head, Quilted Yarn, Bed Head Fabric, Bed Head Fabric, Bed Head Fabric, Knitted Bed Face Fabric, Bed Strip, Handle, Bed Head, Quilted Bed, Natural Beds, Natural Beds, Medical Beds, Smart Beds, Goose Feather Quilts, Sponge, Visco, Latex, Gel Technologies, Bed, Zapper, Bed Sheath, Filling Material, Non-woven Fabrics, Fibers, Bed Glues, All kinds of Bed Springs, Spring Fabrics, Baza Ayası, Moving Mechanism, Baza Skeleton Bearing Accessories, Bearing Lines, Quilting Machines, Sewing Machines, Sagging Machines, Test Laboratories, New Technologies, Beds Labels, Sectoral Publications


Fair Ground: TUYAP Fair and Congress Center Today, the growing needs of the industry community also necessitate the need for more solutions in the areas of transportation, loading-unloading and storage. CeMAT EURASIA is preparing to create a platform to meet these needs by collecting innovative logistics, intralogistics and logistics information technologies under the umbrella of Industry 4.0. PRODUCT GROUPS Lifting and Transport Systems Industrial truck spare parts, forklifts
Air working platforms
Cranes, Crane Spare Parts, Hoists
Industrial trucks, forklifts
Lifts, escalators - tapes, cable cars, lift spare parts
Spare parts for mechanical handling equipment, monorails
Port transfer logistics
Remote control systems, rack storage and access equipment
Vertical lifting equipment, lifting platforms
Storage & Loading Spare parts for mechanical transport systems
Storage spares, varieties
Warehouse cleaning, storage facilities and services
Conveyor systems
Robots and transport systems
supply chain management
Factory equipments, workshop equipments
Shipping safety
Fair hall construction and awning systems
Industrial doors & entrances
Loading bridges
Load ramps, transfer bridges
Loading systems, bulk goods, containers, unit loads
Pallets, boxes and containers
Production logistics
Turnkey logistics systems
Warehouse systems, storage rack systems / technology
Management & Service Organizations, associations
Consulting, planning, financing, project management
Integrated traffic systems
Logistics management
Maintenance and Service
Multi-storey car parks, Parking equipment
Ports and Port Operators
Publishers, publishing houses
Logistics operations for real estate
Logistics & Intralogistics Services
Transport Companies, sea transport service
Traffic control technology / systems
Shipping Logistics and services
Collection and Packaging Labeling and recognition systems
Packing and order picking systems
Packing materials
Warehouse and Operations Packaging Technology
Weighing and Counter devices
Logistics Informatics Intralogistic application software
Transportation Logistics application software
Intralogistic computer and control systems
Identification technologies, Automatic identification systems, Intralogistics sensors
Surface Technology EURASIA

Surface Technology EURASIA

Fair Ground: TUYAP Fair and Congress Center Discover Cutting Technologies. Turkey is at the center of the economic and political divide known as "Eurasia", which is the union of the three continents of the world, Europe, Asia and North Africa. It offers unique business opportunities in the Balkans, in the rest of Europe and in close proximity to the growing markets in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The investments of many international companies confirm that Turkey is a leading investment center and export platform. Turkey is also the largest investor country in the Caucasus and Central Asian Turkic Republics at the same time. Due to its strong cultural and historical ties, Turkey provides a privileged access and a perfect environment to improve the business volume made by these countries. Turkey is an important market in the international market to reach over one billion consumers. Why will you meet your customers at Surface Technology EURASIA? Turkey has grown significantly in the automotive industry in 2015, becoming the world's 15th and Europe's 5th largest automotive producer. In 2013, the Turkish automotive industry manufactured more than 1.12 million vehicles. Turkey is the largest low-tonnage chemical tanker manufacturer in Europe, ordering many oil tankers, chemical tankers and multi-purpose container ships. Turkey is also the third largest mega-yacht manufacturer in the world. The developing economy of Turkey reveals the need for infrastructure investment in various industries. In 2013, the government allocated $ 26 billion to the infrastructure sector and decided to strengthen and renovate buildings with 6.5 million inhabitants with a budget of $ 400 billion. The White Goods Industry is the EU's largest production base with its current production capacity.
PRODUCT GROUPS Surface Finishing
Surface Treatment / Mechanics
Surface Treatment / Chemical
Surface Treatment / Electrochemical
Paint, Polishing, Coating Materials
Paint and Plastic Coating Systems
Engineering and Consultancy Services
AYMOD Shoes Fashion Fair

AYMOD Shoes Fashion Fair

Cnr Ekspo Exhibition Center Yeşilköy-Bakirkoy- Istanbul The International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD) organized at CNR EXPO exhibited products produced from children's shoes to slippers, adult shoes, leather bags and accessories. The fair has visited approximately 17 thousand industry professionals, both domestic and foreign. Handmade shoes and bags attract attention at AYMOD. Polishing of shoes and bags made with 100% natural methods is done with egg whites and it is made with a paste of grass. The International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD), which guides world fashion in the footwear sector, was held for the 57th time at CNR EXPO Yesilkoy. The fair attracted some 17,000 industry professionals, including 866 foreigners. The fuara, which was hosted by a purchasing delegation from 59 countries, attracted more than 1,400 domestic and foreign brands. Shoe store chains participating in AYMOD in many countries including Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Iran have requested to co-produce with domestic companies. The fuarda showcased a large number of product groups ranging from children's shoes to slippers, adult shoes to leather bags and accessories, and special stands and stands with handmade shoes and bags attracted a great deal of attention. In the fuard where the stylish shoes were placed, the attention was drawn to the fact that the hand gauntlet bags and shoes were obtained by natural means without using any chemicals. Designer Fatma Menteş said that while making shoe and bag, they polished it with egg whites, and that they made the paste process with gingerbread. Menteş stated that he made a pair of shoes in 10 days and handbags in 3 days and emphasized that handmade shoes prevent the formation of fungus and that it is also important for health. Women's indispensable hairy shoes
Fuarda 2017-18 Autumn-winter season trends of shoes and saddlery were determined. Next year on men's shoes, thick-soled shoes, posters will be on sale. Classic men's shoes will have brown, burgundy, navy blue, and shoe and burgundy tones will be on the forefront. In next year, women's shoes will be a trend of long stretch outfits made of velvet and shiny fabric. Feathered shoes and velvet sport shoes will be indispensable for women in summer and winter. Full support from AYMOD
AYMOD was supported by Pozitif Fuarcılık, a subsidiary of CNR Holding, under the support of Turkish Industry Associations (TASD), Turkish Footwear Sector Research and Development Education Foundation (TASEV), Turkey Umum Shoes Manufacturers Federation (TUAF), Istanbul Shoe Craftsman Chamber of Industry (İAESO).
TUYAP Istanbul Stationery Office Fair

TUYAP Istanbul Stationery Office Fair

Tuyap Fair and Trade Fair Services Inc. Phone + 90 212 867 11 00 Fax + 90 212 867 12 00
OFFICIAL TITLE Istanbul Stationery Office
EXHIBITOR PROFILE Packaging and Decoration Products
Band Adhesives
Computer, Photocopy, Printer, Fax and Printing Machines and Side Products
Drawing and Draft Products
Notebook, Organizer, Notepad, Album, Index and Calendars
Filing Products
Educational Publications and Materials
Educational Materials
Paper Disposal and Paper Cutting Machines
Gifts, Greeting Cards, Calendars
Gifts and Promotional Products
Calculators and Author Bases
Hobby and Artistic Materials
Paper and Paper Products
Pens and Pencils
Cartridge, Toner and Filling Machines
Stamp and Machine
Stationery Consumables
Licensed Products
Office materials
Paper and foil for office and private use
School & Briefcases, Suitcases
Toys and Clock
Plastic Card, Binding, Lamination and Spiral Products
Sodium and Luxury Table Top Products
Exhibition stands and shelves
Writing Boards, Board and Meeting Presentation Products
Spelling Tools and Accessories VISITOR PROFILE Office and School Type Stationery and Bookstores Authorities
Bag and Luggage Retailers
DMO and Public Authorities Purchasing Authorities
Educational Institutions Administrators
Hobby and Arts Supplies Retailers
Stationery Retailers
Stationery, Office Supplies Materials Chain Markets Authorities
Luxury Consumption and Private Manufacturing Product Satan Shop Authorities
Media and Press Organizations
Preschool Education Centers Administrators
Toys and Gift Retailers
Private Companies' Purchasing Authorities
Advertising Agencies
Artistic Training Centers Managers
Publishers, Press and Disclosure
ANFAS FoodProduct Fair

ANFAS FoodProduct Fair

ANFAŞ FoodProduct Fair, which has become an international meeting place for the food sector, meets with the stakeholders of your sector for the 25th time. Turkey stands out as a market with high growth potential especially for the food sector and its suppliers with its geographical position and tourism developments. Turkey, which is expected to be among the top 10 in the world economy until 2023, has realized export of 16 billion dollars in food sector with 11.2% share in 2016. The food sector has contributed significantly to the development of the country's economy by generating $ 5.3 billion in surplus value. ANFAS presents an international trade platform to its participants and stakeholders with its renewed fairs. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, TOBB (Confederation of Turkish Chambers and Traders), TESK (Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen) Mediterranean Exporters Association), BAKA (Western Mediterranean Development Agency), DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board), TÜROFED (Federation of Hoteliers of Turkey), the leading institutions, federations and associations of the business association and domestic and international promotion activities are conducted. ANFAS, which underwent a radical change in FoodProduct and HotelEquipment fairs this year, combines the two most important fairs of the tourism sector under the roof of a renovated exhibition area of ​​60.000 m2 in total with 40.000 m2 closed and 20.000 m2 open.
TÜYAP Expomed

TÜYAP Expomed

Location: Tuyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center
OFFICIAL TITLE International İstanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Protection, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Product, Device, System, Technology, Hardware and Hospitals Fair
EXHIBITOR PROFILE Electro-Medical Equipment and Medical and Laboratory Technologies (Hall 3)
Orthopedics and Consumables (Salon 7-8-9)
Hospital Building and Medical Facility Management (Hall 2)
VISITOR PROFILE Company Owner, Partner General Manager, CEO, Management
Purchasing Officers of Public and Private Hospitals
Instructors, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Managers
Medical Technicians
Laboratory Managers and Technicians
T. C. Ministry of Health Representatives
Laboratory and Clinical Chiefs
Nuclear Medicine Imaging Systems
High Resolution Optical Imaging and Plasma Technologies
Intensive Care Units and Equipment
Nebulizers and Breathing Devices
Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Instruments and Systems
Surgical Instruments, Devices and Operating Room Equipments
Emergency Care Services Products, Devices and Systems
Dialysis Machines
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Ophthalmic products, devices and systems
Robotics and Automation
Steam Sterilizers and Autoclaves
Test, Control and Calibration Service
Sterilization Products (Biological and Chemical) and Container Systems
Ultrasonic and Electronic Washing Devices
Surgical Motor Systems
General Laboratory, Product and Device Technologies
Medical Laboratory, Products and Technologies
Clinical Laboratory Materials and Equipment
Laboratory Tools and Equipment
Laboratory Consumables and Disposable Products
Laboratory Filtration Systems
Laboratory Plastic and Glass Materials
Clean Room Equipments
Laboratory Mixer and Mixers
Laboratory Information and Communication Technologies
Food Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Chemical Waste and Recycling Systems
Laboratory Textiles & Furnitures
Laboratory Business Security and Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
After sales services
Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Therapy Products, Devices and Systems
Orthopedic Devices, Orthoses and Prostheses
Orthopedic Implant and Trauma Products
Corset, Atele, Knee, Lanyard, Bracelet and Accessory Stockings
Disabled Vehicle Systems and Wheelchairs
Orthopedic Shoes, Slippers and Bases
Robotic arms and robotic rehabilitation systems 6
Walking Support Products
Foot Health Products
Disposable Consumables
Adult Sick Bottom, Baby Cloth, Wet Wipes
Bone, Mask, Glove
Bandages and Medical Flaster
Sterile Surgical Cover Sets
Surgical Gowns & Clothes
Surgical Yarns
Sterile Syringe and Needles
Cannulas, Catheters and Endotracheal Tubes
Serum Sets, Urine Bag and Blood Transfusion Sets
Wound Care Sets and Wound Bands
Sterilization, Disinfectant and Hygiene Products
First Aid Materials
Hospital Beds and Equipment
Hospital Examination Furniture, Waiting Rooms
Patient Transportation Systems and Ambulances
Examination Seat, Stretcher and Equipment
Medical Gas and Gas Systems
Drug Transport Vehicles
Stainless Steel Hospital Equipments
Surgical Hand Tools
Morg Equipment and Anatomy Equipment
Hygienic Wet Volume Equipment
Clean Room Systems
Hospital Mobile Technology Applications
Integrated Hospital Information Management Systems
Nurse Call Systems and Patient Head Units
Information Technology, Software Systems and Blue Code Systems
In-hospital Call and Communication Systems
Hospital Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Air Handling Units, Environmental Protection, Cleaning, Security, Waste and Water Treatment Systems
Hospital and Operating Room Automatic Doors
Hospital Surgery Building Systems and Materials
Patient Bedside Curtain and Screen Systems
Laundry, Ironing, Kitchen and Other Hospital Equipment
Patient Hot-Cold Meal Service Trolleys
Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Energy Distribution Systems
Energy Production and Management
Collection and Disassembly of Medical Wastes
Oxygen Tubes
Medical Component Products


International Bread, Cake Makers, Ice Cream, Chocolate and Technology Fair
Place: Istanbul Expo Center CNR Expo / Yeşilköy Istanbul - Turkey
Regulation Fluctuation: Every Two Years
Organizer: Messe Stuttgart Ares Fuarcılık
Tunnel ovens (electric-gas)
Ovens (rotary-stone base)
Pizza ovens Sandwich machines
Cake ovens
Bakery ovens
Crepe makers
Cream / Whipped cream whipped mak.
Cream filling machines
Bread slicers
Pastry slicers DOUGH MACHINES Dough processing machine.
Dough spinning machine.
Dough kneading machine.
Dough boilers
Dough cutting-weighing machine.
Dough pick-up machine.
Planetary mixers
Spiral mixers
Dough shaping machine.
Biscuit-Cookie-Galeta pouring machines
Crepe makers
Un-Water dosing machines
Dough resting rooms
Dough resting cabinets
Fermentation chambers
they sterilization
Burner Automations
Mill machines
Mill technology
Spare parts for milling machines BAKERY - PASTE CONTRIBUTION MATERIALS Fame
Flour milling machines
Egg powder
Baking powders
Margarine and vegetable oils
Cooking assistants
Ready bread mixes
Confectionery products
Cake flour
Prepared cake mixes
Food dyes
Product developer contributions
Spices and Aromas FOOD AND DRINK Biscuits - Confectionery
Food products
Coffee machines Tea, Coffee machines
Beverage dispensers
Food production and processing technologies
Tape systems
Biscuits, cookies, baking lines MACHINE EQUIPMENTS Machine oils
Automation products
Spare parts
Water purification systems
Software systems
Complex kitchen equipment
Food preparation equipment and heating equipment
Table top equipment
Dishwashing machines
Food preservation equipment
Kitchen utensils
EQUIPPING EQUIPMENT Chocolate melting pots
Chocolate molds
Chocolate dyes
Chocolate coating machines
Chocolate decoration products
Chocolate filling machines
Chocolate Fountains
Hot chocolate dispensers
Chocolate window cabinets ICE CREAM Ice cream
Ice cream display cabinets
Ice cream machines
Ice cream equipment
Cones and Cornets
tarts on PACKING MACHINES Packing machines
Date and labeling machines
Bread packaging machines
Baked goods packaging machine.
Packaging machines
Packaging products
Special design boxes
Chocolate - Pastry boxes DECOR MATERIALS Decor paste
Decorative candies
Fruit syrups
Fruit extracts
Sugar paints
Plastic products
Oven loading cars
Bulk tray carrying shelves
Bread presentation cabinets
Floury display cabinets PİŞİRİCİLER Frying equipment
Fast cookers
Fryer HOTEL, CAFE - BAR KITCHEN EQUIPMENT Complex kitchen equipment
Food preparation equipment and heating equipment
Table top equipment
Dishwashing machines
Food preservation equipment
Kitchen utensils SOGUTMA GRUPLARI Cold showcases and showcases
Cold room and storage systems
Deep Freezers
Ice cream machines
Ice machines
Ventilation systems
Fans, ventilators
Refrigerators and freezers, machines FROZEN PRODUCTS croissants
Frozen fruit chain FURNITURE DECORATION Table and Sandals
Apparel Machinery Fair

Apparel Machinery Fair

Place: Tuyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center
OFFICIAL TITLE Apparel Machinery - TÜYAP
EXHIBITOR PROFILE Garment Sewing Machines Manufacturers
Cutter, Cutting Machine Manufacturers
Ironing Machine and Press Producer
Laser Cutting Machines Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Embroidery Machines
Quilting, Bedding, Quilt Machinery Manufacturers
Digital Printing Machines and Material Manufacturers
Folding and Packing Machines Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Cleaning Machines
Quality Control Devices Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Quantity Measuring Machines
Software, CAD-CAM Manufacturers
Storage and Suspension Systems Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Labeling and Pattern Printing Systems
Machinery Side Industry Manufacturers
Plotter Paper Manufacturers
Sewing and Embroidery Yarn Manufacturers
Stamps, Sequins, Sub-industry producers
Manufacturers of ready-made clothing logistics services
Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Manufacturers
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturers
VISITOR PROFILE Ready-to-wear garments producers
Underwear Manufacturers
Home Textile Manufacturers
Bed, Quilt and Quilting Manufacturers
Embroidery Industry
Apparel Machinery Dealers
Apparel Machinery Side Industry
Apparel Auxiliary Materials
Label Printing Sector
Shoes, Sailmakers
Leather Garment Manufacturers
Tents, tarpaulins and tarpaulin producers
Automotive Flooring Industry
Sofa, Sofa Manufacturers
Sack Sewing Firms
Yarn Industry
Dry Cleaners
Military Planting Houses
Pattern Printing and Laser Systems Users
Educashow Educational Technologies and School Equipments Fair

Educashow Educational Technologies and School Equipments Fair

Educashow; has been developing and producing new materials, technology and services for the education sector for 10 years in line with the current training needs. It also aims to support the education sector in accordance with its mission, thanks to scientific programs designed to ensure the development of educators. All higher education institutions participating in Educationalk Education Fairs that have been organized by Dim Size Fairs for 12 years are the potential guardians of Educashow. Thus, training with trainers; companies that have developed their materials, technology and services are getting a lot of communication and communication under the Educashow roof. As always, Educashow will provide great contributions to the Turkish education sector. Why should you come? New Products, Seminars and Events ... Educashow provides testing and comparison of the latest products that enable different age groups and branch teachers, especially teachers focused on one or more subjects, to provide better quality education. Educashow offers the opportunity to look at hundreds of alternatives at home and abroad in the same environment for educational staff and institutions looking for quality service, the right vehicle recruiter and creating a healthy education and training environment. Through its seminars, Educashow offers the opportunity to closely follow the latest developments in the sector, technologies that present new educational techniques and approaches. Educashıw has the opportunity to be aware of the latest products developed to provide better and quality education, and to monitor their promotions. By visiting Educashow you can closely examine and experience all the innovations of the educational world.
Growtech Antalya Expo Center

Growtech Antalya Expo Center

Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair Distinguished Participants, Our Visitors and Distinguished Members of the Agricultural Sector, Welcome to the Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies fair, organized by UBM NTSR and steadily growing every year, leading the agriculture sector. UBM is a leading exhibition and communication company that has more than 5.000 employees with 96 years history and more than 400 international exhibitions and conference-summit organizers operating in 30 countries annually, bringing over 2 million exhibitors and visitors every year and creating business opportunities. Growtech Eurasia, Greenhouses and Technologies, Agriculture Technologies and Equipments, Irrigation Systems, Seed Growing, Plant Growth and Growth in Antalya, which is the leading trade fair of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Caucasus and growing every year in the international arena and growing steadily, Forestry, Plant Nutrition and Protection, Biological Fighting, Agricultural Machinery and Equipments. Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair, which collects every building industry under one roof, as well as giant companies that export their land to the world markets, are celebrating their 17th birthday this year. This year, more than 800 leading companies and brands from more than 30 countries will be developed this year, and the number of visitors will be further improved, and 85 thousand over 85 thousand industry professionals will be hosted at Growtech Eurasia 2017 Agriculture Fair. Within the scope of the fair program; Coordinated with the Ministry of Economy, the "Buying Mission Program" will be organized under the organization of the Western Mediterranean Exporters' Association. Bilateral negotiations will be held for agriculture sector companies, which will allow the development of trade, potential buyers of environmental countries and decision-makers will be joined, and commercial cooperation will be ensured and will continue throughout the fair. Within the scope of Growtech Eurasia, the Growtech Agricultural Awards will be awarded for the tenth time for the added value of agricultural production and for innovative work. We would like to thank the valuable participants of the Growtech Eurasia Fair and the efficient exhibition fairs and witnessing a strong commercial platform with this international trade fair that we have organized and we would like to thank all the companies that have participated in the sector and the support they have given to industry and press members.
TÜYAP Istanbul Rubber Industry Fair

TÜYAP Istanbul Rubber Industry Fair

Tuyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center OFFICIAL TITLE
Istanbul Rubber Industry Fair
Automotive Gasket
Automotive Tire
Diaphragm Tire
Kaplin Tire
Conveyor belt
Rubber seals
Sheet Rubber
Mushroom Gasket
Metal Gasket
Spray Foam
Suspension MACHINE
Dough Machine
Air Tunnels
Cooling Machines

Shoremetr to
Tensometer is
Viscosimetr to
Density Kit

Natural Rubber and Latex
they Accelerator
Flame Retarders
Antioxidants and antioxidants
Coloring Materials
Dispersing Agents
Natural and Synthetic Resins
Rubber-Metal Adhesives
Fragrances & Fragrances
Foamer Agents
Metal Oxide
Process Assistants
Reinforcement Powders and Functional Fillings
Vulcanization Chemicals
Synthetic Rubbers and Latexes
VISITOR PROFILE Rubber and Polymer Industry
Automotive Sector and Subsidiary Industry
White Goods Industry
Vehicle Tire and Rubber Coating Sector
Hydraulic, Pneumatic Industry
Machinery Industry and Materials
Conveyor Belt Manufacturers
Window - Glass Sector
Shoe Industry
Construction and Building Materials Industry
Mining Industry
Raw Material Importers, Wholesalers
Shipbuilding Sector and Subsidiary Industry
Printing Sector
Textile Industry
Plastic Industry
Cable, Pipe Industry
Packaging Industry
Technical Parts-Safety Materials Industry
Mold Industry
Railway Sector
Petro Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry
Medical Products Industry
Educational Institutions and Universities
Public Organizations
Electrical - Electronic Product Manufacturers
Sectoral Publishers
Eurasia | Eurasia Elevator Fair - CNR Expo

Eurasia | Eurasia Elevator Fair - CNR Expo

Fair Name: Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technology Fair Organization: ITF İstanbul Fuarcılık A.Ş. / Cnr Holding Supporters: TASIAD and ASFED Fair Ground: CNR EXPO- ISTANBUL International Eurasian Elevator, Walking Ladder Industry and Technology Fair welcomed 32 thousand 922 professional visitors including 3 thousand 812 foreigners .. The Lift Fair, which is one of the biggest fairs of Eurasia, was held in CNR Expo Yeşilköy between 22-25 March 2017 with the support of Istanbul Federation of Elevator Industry (ASFED), All Elevator Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TASİAD) and KOSGEB from CNR Holding organizations FUARD, which was organized in 3rd of this year, has been held with 32 thousand 922 industry professionals and the fair which collects the Turkish elevator industry which has a size of 1 billion dollars under one roof has been realized in 25 thousand square meters of area. Purchasing delegations from 30 countries, including Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Georgia and Pakistan were interviewed and business contacts were established. The Eurasia Lift Fair, which is the biggest meeting of the Turkish elevator industry, where 3,000 companies have been operating, has emerged as a platform where the point reached in domestic production is exposed. FUARDA exhibits many products from elevator cabin to automatic door systems, electronic accessories to security systems and accessories, as well as exhibitors from 10 countries including Germany, China, India and Ukraine, as well as 250 brand new products of the most important representatives of Turkish elevator industry. He pulled out.
International Elevator Istanbul - TÜYAP

International Elevator Istanbul - TÜYAP

Innovations about lifts that have an average of 80 million entries per day in Turkey ... Istanbul International Elevator Istanbul, which was held on 15th of this year with the support of AYSAD (Association of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists) by İFO Fuarcılık, opened its doors. One of the three biggest fairs in the world, Asansör İstanbul participated in the meeting of 2017 in Tuyap, more than 300 companies from 22 different countries, including global brands that are leading the sector with their technology. The exhibition will be open until 26th March 2017 Sunday, with exhibits of innovations ranging from residential and commercial elevators to hospital elevators, domestic elevators and personal trailers to auto elevators, cargo and service elevators to escalators. Tüyap Beylikdüzü, which is held at the 15th International Elevator Istanbul, has elevator manufacturers, suppliers, elevator contractors, consultancy companies, training institutions, assembly and security equipment companies and approved institutions as exhibitors. Since 1992, the fair, which brings together the elevator and escalator sectors, has visited a wide range of projects from apartment managers to building owners, elevator users, project, architecture, engineering and consultancy firms, in particular representatives of the construction and building sector. 10 million elevators around the world carry billions of passengers every day! Currently there are around 10 million elevators around the world, while 5 million 850 thousand elevators in Europe use 1 billion people every day. In Turkey, the active state 450 thousand asansöre, 80 million entries per day is. One of the most frequently used means of transportation in human life is the elevator controls and proper controls to prevent possible accidents. Of the 280,042 elevators that were controlled throughout Turkey in 2016, 73 percent were yellow and 3 percent were yellow, while more than half of these elevators were blue and green. Sector, high-rise buildings in the city with iron nets! According to the sector figures, the only railway in Turkey is the elevator rail which is able to cover 1,250 kilometers of railway between Istanbul and Gaziantep. This means that an average of 25 thousand new elevators will enter the market annually. The agenda for the Asansa is moving to the furos! Elevator In Istanbul 2017 activities, there will be a rich content program organized by the support of AYSAD and ELA (European Elevator Association), which will be spoken by international speakers, as well as elevator and occupational health & safety sessions organized by İSGDER Job Security Experts Association. Sessions will be held during the fair, each of which is spoken by expert speakers and free of attendance. Those who want to get detailed information about the 15th International Elevator Istanbul Fair can visit


"Business; 16 MUSIAD EXPO will invite the investors to take part in the growth and joint venture with the slogan "16. MÜSİAD EXPO will meet the business world to build global business networks, to have a say in global markets, to strengthen SMEs and to accelerate effective growth and B2B addressing new business opportunities it will be. MÜSİAD EXPO, which welcomes professional visitors from many countries of the world, will hold 8 holdings and more than 700 MÜSİAD members domestic and foreign companies in CNR EXPO on November 9-12 this year. 15. EXPO, which brings together 7,250 distinguished businessmen from 123 countries and over 100 thousand visitors and business world in MUSIAD fair, is expected to see a significant increase in visitor numbers this year. Fuarda will meet many different sectors this year, such as environmental and building materials, construction, textile, automotive, machinery, furniture, food, information technology and defense industry. Especially for producers and exporters companies, it is very important to reach new developing markets and to use international fairs in this direction. One of the strongest marketing circles, fairs are of great importance for companies that do not want to lose their competitive edge and want to grow. In this context, MUSIAD EXPO is even more prominent this year. This year's priority target of the fair, which welcomes many visitors and procurement delegations from abroad, Africa. MUSIAD, which is heading to the African market this year, aims to increase trade between the two countries by providing businessmen in Nigeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia and South Africa to participate. 20. IBF (International Business Forum) The IBF-International Business Forum, founded by Muslim businessmen in order to establish a global business network, is managed by an executive board (BOG) consisting of heads of business associations from 22 countries and offers a reliable global business network. The international business platform, which is held once a year with the congress and its accompanying commercial activities, will take place at WoW Hotel on November 9-12, 2016 at the same time as the 16th MUSIAD EXPO for the 20th time this year. T.C. The President and the T.C. The Islamic Cooperation Organization, the Standing Committee on Economic and Commercial Cooperation, coordinated by the Ministry of Development, has identified the IBF as the "Official Business Forum" since 2006 as the main topic of this year "Innovation Economy and Investment Ecosystem". It is aimed at raising awareness of how to find and benefit from innovation and entrepreneurial dynamic ecosystem, whether it is a company that wants to develop and grow its business, or an entrepreneur with ideas. The opening theme of the forum, which will take place in three sessions, is "success behind Turkey's resilient economy". In addition to the main session, the three session titles also cover issues that emphasize the importance of funding, market success and regulation to set up the innovation economy and investment ecosystem. "How to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem," which focuses on the "how to invest and grow your business" investment, "the commercialization of technology and market success" for sales success and finally the role of stakeholders for a productive enterprise ecosystem. . 3. High Tech Port MUSIAD High Tech Port MUSIAD's third place, T.C., has attracted attention as a vision project that MÜSİAD has put forth in order to get rid of the Middle Income Salt of Turkey. Support and participation of the President of the Republic of Turkey, support and participation of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, T.C. Will be organized in a separate hall within the 16th MÜSİAD EXPO fair on November 9-12 with the support of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the support of industrialists. This year, more than 20 countries will be interviewed by the defense minister, force commander, airline companies, high-tech companies in Turkey and major producers such as Airbus Boeing and Lockheed Martin. It will be presented. While the technological products of Turkey are being screened for the world markets with the project of High Tech Port, which is described as a future compass pointing to the direction of the Turkish ship, Turkey's bringing together of high technology companies and target markets, in this sense, aims to create achievements. ABOUT MUSIAD EXPO MÜSİAD EXPO brings new opportunities for commercial cooperation and global partnerships by bringing together participating businessmen and investors. With great trade capacity and hearted organization, foreign businessmen from Asian countries to European countries to Turkish republics are being held in Istanbul every two years since 1993 with domestic and foreign participating companies.
CNR Eurasia Boat Show

CNR Eurasia Boat Show

Organizer: Pozitif Fuarcılık A.Ş. Venue: CNR Expo Exhibition Center Yeşilköy - Istanbul Targeted Participant: 600 Target Visitor: 200,000 Fair Area: 160.000m2 CNR Eurasia Boat Show, one of the two largest fairs in the world, is always at the CNR Expo Yeşilköy CNR Eurasia Boat Show's CNR Expo, which is the world's second largest boat and yacht fair in the maritime area, brings together thousands of sea lovers in Yeşilköy. The CNR Eurasia Boat Show, which will be held everywhere as usual, will be followed closely by the world maritime sector. The CNR Eurasia Boat Show, which is uninterruptedly organized and will host serious buyers from all over the world, will showcase more than 400 boats, super yachts, mega yachts and sailboats as well as all accessories and equipment belonging to the amateur maritime industry in the 85,000 square meter exhibition area . CNR Eurasia Boat Show; International Marine Equipment, Equipment and Accessories Fair; Member of International Federation of Boat Show Organizers (IFBSO) and International Maritime Industry Association Council (ICOMIA) will be organized by Pozitif Fuarcılık from CNR Holding organizations in cooperation with International Maritime Industry Association Council (ICOMIA) Member of Maritime Industry and Maritime Development Association (DENTUR). Fair, T.C. Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, IMEAK Chamber of Shipping and KOSGEB. Be sure to book your place before you go to the fuard where 65,000 professional domestic and foreign visitors are targeted.
ISK - SODEX Istanbul

ISK - SODEX Istanbul

SK-SODEX Istanbul Tüyap Fair and Congress Center.
ISK-SODEX Istanbul, one of the leading fairs of the sector, is an event that should be added to the agenda of everyone who wants to follow the latest trends and developments in the sector. ISK-SODEX is a participant in the main headings of heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation with the help of information exchange with expert participants and visitors from all over the world, as well as ongoing support programs during the fair and cooperation with the industry's leading associations great facilities. ISK-SODEX Istanbul Fair, which offers opportunities to establish and develop business connections and to get to know the latest innovations and developments in the sector, has also been recognized in the sector by its exhibitors and visitors. The fair, which was first organized in 1997, once again underscored its place and position in the sector with the point it reached in its latest edition, 2016, and contributed greatly to the exports of its sector and Turkey. 1,294 participants (including sub-participants)
50.558 m2 net stand area
83,764 visitors from 107 countries (93% are from Europe, 2% from America, 3% from America, 2% from Asia)
92% targeted audience
48% decision-maker
The ISK-SODEX Istanbul Fair, which covers the whole of the heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, insulation, pump, valve, installation, water treatment and solar energy systems, provides an in-depth view of the entire sector.
The ISK-SODEX Istanbul Fair, which will take place at the new location and new date in 2018, aims to be the meeting point of the sector again. product groups A. HEATING SYSTEMS AND ELEMENTS BURNER
Hostech By TUSID

Hostech By TUSID

Exhibition: Hostech By TUSID International Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Pastry Equipment and Technology Fair Organizer: İstanbul Fuarcılık A.Ş. Business Association: TUSİD Industrial Kitchen, Laundry Service and Catering Equipment Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association Place: CNR EXPO Yeşilköy Targeted Participant: 800 Fair Ground: 80.000m2 "Hostech by Tusid - International Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Pastry Equipment and Technology Fair", the biggest fair in Eurasia, has been completed in the areas of hotel, restaurant, gastronomy and kitchen equipment. The fair organized at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy was visited by a total of 24,070 professionals, 4,013 foreigners. Tahsin Öztiryaki, the vice chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), which provides information on the fair and the sector, said that the Turkish culinary sector proved to be rundown all over the world and said: "Turkish investors are also more reliable in the sector. We are so good that there is no reason why imported products in the sector demand. We should not take this currency out, use it in other jobs. Our vision is not to be in the products of other countries at a time when the eyes of all the investors in the world are in our products. "Öztiryaki said," The industry has reached a position to meet all the needs of a hotel from a to z with 90% In this case, we expect our Turkish investors to pay attention to the use of our products that have proved their success and quality ". "The best fair in the history of foreign participation"
Industrial Kitchen, Laundry Service and Catering Equipment Industry and Businessmen Association (TUSİD) President Ahmet Gürkaynak said that this year Hostech by Tusid is the best fair in terms of foreign participation. Gürkaynak is pleased to show that there are so many foreign buyers interested in the furoshima in a time when troubles in the global arena are experiencing. There is a good chance that Gürkaynak will visit Germany, Italy, France, England, India, Israel, Poland, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Russia, Algeria and Greece 's industry professionals from over 60 countries visited. "Many companies in the fuard received orders loaded. Ahmet Gürkaynak, who spoke on the subject of the development of gastronomic tourism depends on the sector and the furos. "If we think that only one firm has received a $ 1 million order, the sector will be a significant contributor in the long run."
CNR İMOB International İstanbul Furniture Fair

CNR İMOB International İstanbul Furniture Fair

Fair: CNR İMOB - 14th International İstanbul Furniture Fair
Organizer: İstanbul Fuarcılık A.Ş.
Place: CNR EXPO Yeşilköy
Targeted Participant: 500
Targeted Visitor: 11,000 foreigners total 90,000 professionals
Fair Ground: 150.000m2 CNR IMOB 5 Met the Conference. A 30 percent increase in the number of foreign visitors brought the furniture sector one step closer to 2023 exports. CNR IMOB International Istanbul Furniture Fair was the record year for visitors, number of exhibitors and the area they were organized for this year. A total of 166 thousand 23 professional visitors visited the fair, 46 thousand 875 foreigners. CNR Holding General Coordinator Cem Senel said, "This year has been a very successful year for our fuirarımız. The divided furniture sector will unite under the CNR IMOB roof. CNR İMOB, the world's second largest fair in the field of furniture now with its influence in the sector, will become the best festival of the world next year. " CNR IMOB International Istanbul Furniture Fair, Turkey's largest and only international furniture fair, has been completed. The fair was organized with the attendance of more than 500 companies and 150 thousand square meters of area. The CNR Holding companies signed strong records in terms of number of exhibitors, number of visitors, number of visitors, volume of business and volume of business that was realized with the support of Ministry of Economy and Istanbul Exporters Unions (İİB) in Istanbul Fair and Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED). CNR EXPO CNR IMOB, which was open for 6 days in Yeşilköy, visited 166 thousand 23 professional visitors, 46 thousand 875 foreign and 119 thousand 148 domestic. Sector CNR meeting at IMOB roof
CNR Holding General Coordinator Cem Şenel informed about the fair where thousands of new products were exhibited, from children's room to office furniture. will be the symbol of your association for the furniture sector. The industry is holding two separate fairs in the same period. This is dividing the sector. Next year, the furniture industry will be the only fair CNR IMOB. CNR İMOB, the world's second largest fair in the field of furniture now with its effect on the sector, will be the world's best fair for next year. Another innovation at our show will be to categorize product categories in the sector. We will display furniture products in areas such as child-modern-classical-office in their own halls and in separate halls. With this arrangement, we aim to increase the productivity that the industry provides from the public. " Turkey's most comprehensive purchasing committee
The fair was hosted by one of Turkey's most comprehensive purchasing delegation organizations. CNR İMOB is a B2B Matching Program that includes the leading countries of the furniture sector as well as Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE, Visitors from 114 countries and VIP reception delegations were welcomed. 260 companies from the Gulf, Europe and North Africa countries came together with Turkish furniture producers in the special B2B field established in Fuard.
TUYAP EMITT Tourism Fair

TUYAP EMITT Tourism Fair

The EMITT Tourism Fair will take place at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center. Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, E - 5 Road, Üzeri, Gürpınar Crossroad, 34500 Buyukcekmece / Istanbul Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair - Emitt was first held in Tuyap Exhibition Center in Tepebaşı in 1997 under the name of Voyager International Tourism and Holiday Fair The fair, which took place mainly in the first two years, became a fair where foreign destinations were introduced on demand from the countries of the region and the international tourism community. Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair - EMITT in 1999, is organized by EUF - E International Fair, which is located in ITE Turkey since 2009. The EMITT Tourism Fair, which is among the world's top five tourism fairs in 18 years, contributes directly to the growth of the regional sector with the increasing number of exhibitors and visitors every year. ITE Group's "Tourism and Travel" field, organized in 5 countries, thanks to the largest of the region's 6 fairs, the sector has a special expertise. ITE Turkey has 22 years of experience and expertise with EMITT Tourism Fair. By combining the strong global network provided by ITE Group Plc. with the experience and portfolio of ITE Turkey, EMITT will continue to create a stronger synergy for the tourism sector. Fair Dates: 25 - 28 January 2018
(Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday) Trade Fair Times: 10:00 - 18:00 Fair Ground: Tuyap Fair and Congress Center
E-5 Highway, Gürpınar Crossroad, Beylikdüzü / Buyukcekmece 34522 Istanbul - Turkey Participants were: Germany, Azerbaijan, BA: E, Bahrain, Belarus, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Philippines, Palestine, France, South Africa, Georgia, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Cuba, Lebanon, Macedonia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Egypt, Mongolia, Moldova, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Peru, Russia, Seychelles, Serbia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Jordan, Vietnam , Greece Product groups: Hotel Operations
Tourism Enterprises
Tour Operators
Travel Agents
Tourism Suppliers
Government agencies
Diplomatic Representations
Event Organizers
Academic Institutions and Organizations
Other Tourism Activities
Rew Istanbul International Recycling Fair

Rew Istanbul International Recycling Fair

FAIR NAME: Rew Istanbul 12th International Recycling, Environment Technologies and Waste Management Fair LOCATION: Tüyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center - Beylikdüzü / İSTANBUL Exhibited Products and Services 1 - SOLID WASTE
1.01 - Waste Collection Units
1.02 - Waste Collection and Transport Vehicles
1.03 - Mechanical Treatment
1.04 - Thermal Processes
1.05 - Biological Operations
1.06 - Separation Equipment
1.07 - Crushing, Pressing, Briquetting Equipment
1.08 - Washing, Drying Equipment
1.09 - Compost Equipment
1.10 - Regular Storage Materials, Equipment, Measuring Systems
1.11 - Medical Waste Sterilizers
1.12 - Recovery Systems and Technologies
1.13 - Regular Storage
1.14 - Compost Technologies and Facilities
1.15 - Medical Waste Processing
1.16 - Combustion Facilities for Solid and Hazardous Wastes
1.17 - Recycling Facilities and Products
1.17.01 - Glass
1.17.02 - Metal
1.17.03 - Paper
1.17.04 - Plastic
1.17.05 - Wood
1.17.06 - Textile
1.17.07 - Fat
1.17.08 - Battery and Battery
1.17.09 - Electronic and Electrical Waste
1.17.10 - Construction Wastes
1.17.11 - Contamine Bars
1.17.12 - Vehicles with Perfect Lifetime
1.18 - Recycled Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Goods and Marketable Products
2.01 - Advanced Treatment of Wastewater
2.02 - Reuse of waters
2.03 - Generating Process Waters
2.04 - Recovery of Precious Metals from Waste Water
2.05 - Reuse of Cooling Waters
2.06 - Technologies for Treatment Sludge Minimization
2.07 - Membranes and Technologies
2.08 - Ion Exchange Resins and Technologies
2.09 - Chemical Treatment Equipment, Equipment and Technologies
2.10 - UV Oxidation and Disinfection
2.11 - Ozone Systems
2.12 - Pumps, Ventilation Equipment, Dewatering Equipment, Filters
2.13 - Activated Carbon and Other Adsorption Materials and Technologies
2.14 - Nozzle and Diffuser Systems
2.15 - Package Wastewater Treatment Systems
2.16 - Treatment Plant Equipment
3.01 - Evaluation of Sludges
3.02 - Sludge Stabilization and Sterilization
3.03 - Sludge Dewatering and Drying
3.04 - Mud Burning
3.05 - Compost Facilities and Technologies
3.06 - Biogas Facilities
3.07 - Sludge Digestion Systems
3.08 - Centrifuges, Seperators, Bandpresters, Filter Presses, Dryers
3.09 - Other Equipments and Chemicals
4.01 - Waste Gas Treatment
4.02 - Keeping Pest Material
4.03 - Waste Gas Assessment
5.01 - Renewable Energy
5.01.01 - Biogas Technologies and Equipment
5.01.02 - Biodiesel Technologies and Equipment
5.01.03 - Solar Energy Technologies and Equipment
5.01.04 - Wind Energy Technologies and Equipment
5.01.05 - Geothermal Energy Technologies and Equipment
5.02 - Heat Recovery Technologies and Equipment
5.03 - Insulation Materials and Applications
5.04 - Cogeneration Systems
5.05 - Waste Energy Conversion Systems
6.01 - On-Board Equipment
6.02 - Backhoes and Breakers
6.03 - Compactor
6.04 - Loading and Stacking Tools
6.05 - Conveyor Systems
6.06 - Measuring and Weighing Equipment
6.07 - Dosing Systems
6.08 - Storage and Transportation Containers
6.09 - Hydraulic Transport and Freight Platforms
6.10 - High Power Suction Tools
6.11 - High Pressure Cleaners
7.01 - Duct Cleaning and Maintenance Vehicles and Equipment
7.02 - Street Cleaning Vehicles and Equipment
7.03 - Winter Road Vehicles and Services
8.01 - Analysis and Laboratory Techniques
8.02 - Automation Processes
8.03 - On-line Systems
8.04 - Measurement Techniques
8.05 - Analyzers
8.06 - Analysis Systems
8.07 - Measuring Devices
8.08 - Remote Control Devices
9.01 - Consultancy and Consultancy Services
9.02 - Analysis and Research Laboratories
9.03 - Project Bureaus and Engineering Companies
9.04 - Environmental Management and Eco-Audit
9.05 - Waste Disposal Services
9.06 - Waste Collection and Transport Services
9.07 - Associations, Associations and Foundations
9.08 - Treatment of Treatment Facilities
9.09 - Optimization and Optimization
9.10 - Separation and Processing
9.11 - Evaluation and Disposal
9.12 - Marketing of Secondary Raw Materials and Products
9.13 - Waste Stock Exchange
9.14 - Measurement and Evaluation Procedures
9.15 - Finance
10.01 - Noise Reduction
10.02 - Noise Canceling Technologies
10.03 - Insulation
10.04 - Air Pollution
10.05 - Soil Pollution
11.01 - Alarm and Warning Systems
11.02 - Protective Clothing
11.03 - Gas Detectors
11.04 - Signs and References
11.05 - Risk Analysis and Management
11.06 - OSGB (Joint Health and Safety Units)
11.07 - Job Security Expert Training Institutions
11.08 - Occupational Health and Safety
11.09 - Other
12.01 - Universities
12.02 - Research Institutions
12.03 - Data Banks
12.04 - Printed and Electronic Publications
12.05 - Sectoral Magazines
12.06 - R & D Studies
12.07 - Projects
13 - OTHER
İBS Mother Baby Kids Fair

İBS Mother Baby Kids Fair

The İBS Mother Baby Kids Fair 2017, which brings together end users with brands, is preparing to have a great time with you for the 6th time at Istanbul Congress Center - Harbiye. Get ready for beautiful shows, fun activities, award-winning competitions, conversation talks, and a great festival that you can join the family. Visiting hours 11: 00-19: 00 Location
Istanbul Convention Center - İKM / Harbiye Login
Get your entrance ticket online OR NOT wait! THE FOLLOWING PRICES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE TICKET PERIODS DOOR PRICES ARE DIFFERENT! İbs Anne Baby Baby Fair entrance fees Weekly Individual 15 TL
Weekday Family 25 TL (2 adults, 2 children under 12 years old)
Weekend Individual 20 TL
Weekend Family 30 TL (2 adults, 2 children under 12 years old)
Individual 35 TL for 3 Days
3-Day Family 55 TL (2 adults, 2 children under 12 years old)
İBS fair entrance is free with obstacles with grandparents and grandparents at the age of 60. Go Online Bilete Parking Garage
IKM-Istanbul Convention Center in Harbiye; There are 2 inputs, top and bottom. Nişantaşı You can reach to the fuara area by taking a sidewalk with your stroller or leaving the vehicle to the indoor parking lot of IKM for 3000 vehicles by entering the tunnel from Nişantaşı Taşkışla Caddesi or you can reach to the entrance of Hilton from Harbiye Cumhuriyet Cad. İKM Indoor Car Park >> 3000 Vehicle Capacity - Direct access without leaving the elevator
Nişantaşı Taşkışla Street (entrance to the tunnel from Lütfi Kırdar)
Parking Fees *; 1 Hour 10 TL, 1-3 Hour 15 TL, 3-4 Hour 20 TL, 4-7 Hour 25 TL, 7-9 Hour 30 TL, 24 Hour 35 TL
* İKM Closed Parking Fee is fixed in the direction of İBS Private Agreement during the fair! Hilton Indoor Parking >> 500 Vehicle Capacity - İKM Top Entrance
Harbiye Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Hilton Hotel as well
Parking Fees *; 1 Hour 17 TL, 2 Hour 22 TL, 3-4 Hour 28 TL, 5 Hour 33 TL, 7-8 Hour 37 TL, 9 Hour 42 TL
* Hilton Closed parking fees are for informational purposes only. Car park operations may change fees on their own initiative. Alternative Parking Facilities:
Ispartark Floor Parking >> 400 Vehicle Capacity - Cemal registan Rey den transportation / İKM Top Entrance
Nişantaşı Gümüş Street (Cemal Reşit Rey yolu, Fire brigade side)
Parking Fees *; 1 Hour 9 TL, 2 Hour 11 TL, 2-3 Hour 12 TL, 3-4 Hour 15 TL, 4-5 Hour 18 TL, 5-7 Hour 20 TL, 7-9 Hour 25 TL, Full Day 30 TL
* Ispark Multi-storey car park charges are for information purposes only. Car park operations may change fees on their own initiative. Contests and gifts
You can sign up for social media channels to win a prize in the competition organized by İBS before the fair in social media and during the fair and you can download İBS mobile application to your mobile phone. Opportunities
You can sign up for social media channels to be informed about exhibitors and İBS opportunities (fuara special discounts, campaigns and other special offers) that will be perceived by İBS before the fair in social media and during the fair and you can download İBS mobile application to your mobile phone.
LINEXPO | Istanbul Underwear Fair

LINEXPO | Istanbul Underwear Fair

ISTANBUL FAIR CENTER INTRODUCTION: Free by invitation. PARTICIPATION PROFILE: Turkey's most important underwear, socks, bedding and beachwear brands and their subsidiaries and accessories companies VISITOR PROFILE All professionals related to fashion, industry sub-industry and accessory representatives and all fashion enthusiasts The following 2 years fashion trends of underwear, nightwear, gowns, swimwear, pajamas, socks, t-shirts, shorts, It is also one of the most important fashions of Turkey, which is realized as a giant sectoral meeting with deficits, exhibitions and visual shows and never compromising the sector directing target. LINEXPO Istanbul Underwear and Hosiery Fair between 09-11 February 2017 Yeşilköy Atatürk Hava (International Trade Fair) between 09-11 february 2017, with the strong support of our industry as well as the indisputable fact that the underwear industry has the fourth largest production capacity of the world, The Istanbul Expo Center opposite the harbor will take place at IFM. We do not doubt that LINEXPO will be much more successful than the previous ones with announcements and activities that we have made with various channels with introductions that we are doing individually in the target markets. The fourth of our underwear design competition aiming to give sectoral new designers with the motive as the design is the most important power to reach high added value, Fashion Week will be held concurrently with fashion week ... We are also continuing our efforts to create a combination of mind and power in the fields of investment, production, marketing and education ...
Franchising and Brand Dealership Fair CNR EXPO

Franchising and Brand Dealership Fair CNR EXPO

Mr. Mayor Franchising and Markli Dealership Fair European First FRANCHISE SECTOR GROWS WITH FAIR The brands that want to grow with franchise and dealership, looking for new business partners come together with entrepreneurs in the Bayim Olur MUNS Franchising Fair, which is the first and only fair in the field of franchising of our country.
The fair is a business platform where many brands are at the forefront, development and launch point, and many of them increase the number of franchisees ... Thanks to the fair, they sign new agreements, cooperations, franchises and dealership contracts. Participants are leaving with concrete steps taken to become a chain from the fair thanks to the intense and productive visitor potential created by the fair. The fair, which collects all sectors under the roof of franchise, brings together the investors from Middle East, Balkans, USA, European Union and Turkic Republics with Turkish brands. Turkey is a preferred choice for international brands that want to give dealerships and franchises in terms of its geographical position and the bridge between the continents. Each year, different sectors come to the forefront with different activities and attract entrepreneurs. The locomotive of the fair; food, real estate, dry cleaning, cafe-sweet-pastry,
cosmetics, jewelery-accessories, textiles-garments, education, energy, furniture, glassware, information-telecom, personal care, merchandising, publishing, service and automotive ...
The biggest feature of the fair and the point that it separates from the other exhibitions is that its success is measurable.
The preliminary agreements made by the participating brands in the fuard provide the formation of annual franchise goals. What will be the contribution of the fair to your markeness? • Connecting to potential entrepreneurs,
• Establishing overseas / domestic sales links,
• To meet with new dealers and franchisees to develop sales channels,
• To increase your brand awareness and realize your company identification,
• To be informed about the dealership and franchise system with the seminars held during the fair,
Publishing your news on the / portals,
• To get your company news at Bayim Ormun Newspaper and Bayim Olur Muzun Magazine
• To follow developments in the sector, innovations. Franchise / franchise information of brands and also all the details you wonder about the fair
You can reach
Marriage World Marriage Preparation Fair

Marriage World Marriage Preparation Fair

Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center - Rumeli Hall
Address: Harbiye / İSTANBUL (Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater Opposition) The Marriage World will continue to lead the couple to marry. Every year 600 thousand couples get married in Turkey, and about 100 thousand of these marriages happen in Istanbul. This fair is the point where nearly 50 thousand couples make purchases during the wedding and home preparation process. Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center Halls February 2-4, 2018 between the World of Marriage, Marriage Preparations Fair will take place 16 times. The Marriage World, which has guided more than 450.000 double marriages to this day, will bring together representatives from different branches of business, from wedding dresses to invitations, shoes to pastries, wedding venues to organizations, and will offer the opportunity to shop safely and advantageously for the 16th visit. Not only companies aiming for the wedding day but also the new firms with the product groups that can be needed in the preparation of the house are brought together with the visitors and the fair will be in the service of the couples to be married with rich product and service fan in 2018. In the 3 day event, visitors will find all the materials they want to find, compare prices, follow new trends and benefit from special fuara special campaigns. The Marriage World, which has brought together industry professionals with couples to be married for 15 years, creates a trade volume of over TL 1 billion. The Marriage World, hosting an average of 50,000 married couples each year, sees the intense interest of the massive defilements of famous names' designs and continues to grow every year. Why are you in this fu?
Every year, a large advertising budget is allocated and trade shows are held in all circles. Pr work is very important, it is included in all the main news bulletins, not only in the fair but also in the written and visual presentation of participating companies.
Brand competitiveness and awareness are created by prominent competitors in changing competitive conditions.
It integrates the marriage preparation process with your brand.
Approximately 50.000 customers are delivered with direct marketing technique.
It is the right place to develop customer databases and CRM applications.
It is good for you and your company to start in 2018 with high energy and to be in a fuard that is in love.


Efem International Fair and Congress. Speed. Inc. İstanbul Prohunt Hunting, Weapons & Nature Sports Fair is the biggest international fair organized in Turkey for hunting and nature. The fair is being organized and growing from 2012 to 2014 with the new concept 'Istanbul Prohunt'.
The organization where all sorts of equipment on sporting shooting and land hunting are exhibited attracts attention since the first year when Turkey was organized especially for its success in the arms industry. Participating companies are taking important steps to develop commercial relations by presenting innovative products that orient the future of the industry to the liking of local and foreign guests in Istanbul Prohunt. Istanbul, a center of attraction; international airports, advanced public transport systems and modern fairgrounds. Istanbul Prohunt; the passion of living and creating nature ... Highlights of Fuad; - 150 exhibitors and more than 550 brands in agriculture and nature sports,
-The latest developments in the sector and new innovation governance,
-The quality of the globally standard quality which is produced as a result of blending high quality products with fine workmanship,
- Opportunities created in order to open up to new markets and a large buyer's population,
product groups -Silah and Subsidiary Industry
-Security, Private Security Weapons and Materials
-Electronic and Optical Products
-Advertising Tourist
-Aging and Leather Products
- Fishing boat and equipments
-Outdoor Clothing, Outdoor Sports and Camping Materials
-Road Vehicles
-About Repair Maintenance
-Av Dogs
-Automachinery, Plates and Polygons
Fair Place Istanbul IDTM Exhibition Center, 34149 Yeşilköy Istanbul


AR-GE EXCHANGE AND RESEARCH CENTER FAIR WE HAVE INVITED ALL THE PAYMENTS ... The R & D Summit and R & D Centers Fair will be organized in order to increase the national and international awareness of establishing the grounds for scientific and commercial cooperation between institutions and individuals, services and activities integrated with the development goals of the country, especially the public, university and private sectors. Within the scope of the fair, it is aimed to inform the other parties about the activities carried out by industry, universities and public institutions, which are the main actors in the R & D ecosystem, to introduce opportunities, exchange opinions and discuss cooperation possibilities. Summit and Fair; Presentation of R & D activities in Turkey,
Increasing the interaction of public, private and academia in R & D,
The development of international academic and scientific collaborations,
Commercialization of R & D activities
awareness, information and commercial sharing platform on priority issues such as In the panellars to be organized with the participation of university, public and private sector representatives, concrete proposals for the direction of R & D activities in this area, the way in which Turkey should follow and the policies to be applied for this and the development of cooperation between actors will be discussed. Within the scope of the fair, an appropriate environment will be set up for publicity about the activities of universities and public research infrastructure, private sector R & D centers, as well as the activities to be allocated to the private sector, and to provide cooperation in the scope of strengthening the ecosystem. Small meeting halls will also be allocated for the interested parties to make cooperation negotiations. We invite all stakeholders in the ecosystem to this international event, which will be the main platform of the R & D activities we see as the basic building block of our country's future.
Total Fairgrounds: 191

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