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Fair Stand Ground Systems

Fair floors are also the most popular with 3 types of floors. These;
1. Karolaj (Podium)
2. Parke
3rd Carpet

Karolaj (Podium): The ground system created by placing 18 mm chipboards on specially prepared aluminum carcasses cut in 1 meter x 1 meter dimensions. It is the most elegant floor system that can be used at fairs. It has been raised 8 cm from the ground and is suitable for all types of electrical, water, cable and hose passages under the ground. After the stand is installed, additional wiring can be made by lifting the floor system provided that it is not over weight.

Parquet: The most preferred floor system in fair stands is park. Especially if you want your stand to be supported with foam or raw chipboard under parquet while you are laying parquet on your stand floor. If the parken is laid directly on the floor, there may be parts playing on the floor of the stand due to the difference in level of the floor.

Carpets: If your products are very heavy and they are exhibited on the floor, it will be healthier to choose carpets on your stand floor.

Except these 3 options, you can make your fair stand with different materials, unless you decide what these materials will be, the firm that makes your stand design will choose one of these 3 options.

Truss Exhibition Stands

Truss Exhibition Stands

Truss Exhibition Stands Models and Types
Models and varieties of truss fair stands in fairgrounds are ideal for creating a healthy advertising space. The promotion process takes place on a solid ground. In Which Sector Is Truss System Used?
Truss fair stands are ideal for creating a space where large-scale products will be exhibited. Widely used in automotive and industry. However, it can also be applied to different sectors. What are Truss System Stands?
Models and varieties of truss exhibition stands, which have different features in terms of size, are frequently preferred. In the truss system, columns and beams create a highly functional space. The recognizability of the system is important in terms of giving a popularity message. Since it is detachable, it gives the opportunity to make changes easily. It should not be considered only for aluminum material. The lighting system is of a quality that highlights the product and service. Truss Exhibition Stands Design and Planning
Truss truss system stands are produced by using aluminum density columns and beams that can be designed in desired dimensions. Usage Areas of Truss Stands
The stands in question are demanded and preferred by many organizations because they are very modern, stylish and very functional. Truss truss system stands are indispensable for large organizations. It is used in television programs, concerts and many similar events. The reason why it is in demand so often is the perception of greatness it creates. Despite the perception of grandeur and splendor it creates, it is quite easy to install. Since the materials used in its manufacture are very light textured materials, its portability and installation are quite simple. Therefore, it is highly preferred. Support should be sought from expert and experienced teams in the design and planning of Truss exhibition stands. It is right to work with designers and manufacturers who have carried out the design and planning processes of truss exhibition stands many times before, who are well-versed in their subject and can make them in desired scales and sizes. Convenience Provided by the Modular Structure of Truss Stands
Those who are interested in Truss exhibition stands design and planning also know that this stand is highly modular and easy to set up. Due to its modular and practical structure, it is known to make unlimited desired designs. Among the design and planning features of Truss exhibition stands, apart from being modular, they can be configured as desired by using the same parts and allow the unlimitedness of playing with their sizes. It is precisely because of this feature that it has become an indispensable stand of large, popular organizations. Although the materials used in its design are aluminum and various materials, they are extremely solid and extremely safe stands. Impact of Truss Fair Stands
Truss exhibition stands are known to provide the necessary strength for the exhibition of large-scale vehicles due to their design and planning, being robust, highly durable, extremely safe and large. They always prefer truss fair stands, especially if the products that companies will participate in the fairs and present are large-scale. Among the reasons why they prefer these stands, they are preferred because they are very suitable for displaying large, durable, easy-to-install and large-material products. Truss exhibition stands are preferred because of the ease of combining the importance of design and planning with other systems used in terms of fairs, and the convenience created by enabling the desired customizations to be made. Regarding the design and planning of Truss exhibition stands, it is of course important to work with experts and experienced designers and manufacturers. The Importance of Working with an Expert Team for Truss Exhibition Stands
It is also important that all parts necessary for the creation of truss fair stands, including the use of steel lattice elements of the desired length in the design and planning stages of truss fair stands, the provision of necessary connections, the connection parts and the accessories used, are made by expert teams. In addition to Truss exhibition stands, when various illuminated cage systems are used, it becomes the most effective exhibition stand on the area where it is set up, and a feature that companies want has emerged. Every company wants the stand that will be the most effective, striking and focal point in the fair it participates in. This feature of their stands becomes very important in terms of its customers, potential customers, potential investors and competitors. Apart from being the focal point of their stands at fairs, companies want areas where they can exhibit their products well, where they can meet and negotiate with their customers, and where tea and coffee services can be made. At this point, Truss exhibition stands are able to gather all these features that companies want in one pot, thanks to their size and design.
Fair Stand Visual Practices

Fair Stand Visual Practices

Chipboard and Paint Stands:
Boards should never be glued on the stand walls painted directly on stained paint stalls. Although it may seem less costly and quick to apply in the near term, this practice is certainly not the right application. In such stands
The application of the visuals directly on the stand wall causes the visuals to disappear after a while, as well as the appearance of orange peel in the eyes.
In such stands, the pictures are first applied on Foreks / Dakota. Foreks / Dakota on the visuals are applied to the stand walls with double-sided tape according to the size of the image or with very fine-tipped nails at the exhibition area
Flipchart and / or Mdflam stands:
Depending on the size and number of the images to be used in the stand, sometimes the companies that implement the application can apply the visuals on the Foreks / Dakota and stand walls. This application is not wrong. However, from a visual point of view, the most appropriate application on such stands is to apply foil prints directly to the stand walls. In such stands, the images are applied directly to the stand walls. This application is the most correct application from the visual point of view. MODULAR STAND
The modular system consists of stanchion walls on stanchions. On the surface, the application of the images on the stencil provides the most elegant and beautiful view
Strofor (foam writing) in the application of the double-sided tape or silicone can be adhered .. However, due to the heat generated by the lights on the fairground area of ​​the double-sided tape does not give a healthy result and the likelihood of falling letters is very high. You should definitely confirm the sticking of the stand company articles with silicone.
What should be on Fair Stand!

What should be on Fair Stand!

  • To get information about the stand company, get the most healthy and correct way references and make interviews with the companies that have done business before .. You can get detailed information about the works which stand company has done before by meeting with several companies you will choose from the reference list of the stand company and even visiting them.
  • You have to make sure that the Fair Stand has a substructure and technical staff that can produce the booth you want and can meet your needs.
  • Before giving the job, you should definitely visit the stand company and the production workshop.
  • You must send the electrical system of your stand at least 15 days before the show.
  • At first glance these works will come to you like a waste of time. You will try to express your company for thousands of visitors for 4 days. Considering the importance of your exhibition stand, it will not be a waste of time but profit.
  • All the visuals and logos to be used in your booth must be sent at least 15 days in advance to the company that will hold the exhibition stand, in the sizes and formats that the stand company requires.
  • It is important to know that your stand company is your solution partner and give you all the necessary support in the preparation and production stages. Work initiated with incomplete information will tear you and your stand firm and cause you to be unable to receive your work on time.
  • The staff you will be assigned to the fuer must make business plans to determine beforehand and make a detailed meeting about the fair.
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