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Fuar Standımda Bulunması Gerekenler

Fuar Standımda Bulunması Gerekenler

  • A notebook where you can note the contact information of the Fair Visitors
  • Brochures and catalogs for your products
  • Business card
  • Phone charge
  • Kettle
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Dress hanger
  • Catering materials (sugar, snack, etc.)
  • Tea, coffe





1997 yılında limited şirketi olarak kurulan Semerkand, kısa zamanda bünyesine kattığı diğer şirketlerle girdiği sektörlerde büyüyerek şirketler grubu hâline gelmiştir. İlk olarak Semerkand Dergisi’nin yayın hayatına başlamasıyla yayıncılık sektörüne adım atan Semerkand Şirke
Romanelli Shoes

Romanelli Shoes

Interior lacquer rack, tv unit, stone wall mdf lam table and secretary office design and application


Romanelli Shoes
Romanelli Shoes

Ideally Architecture; stand design and implementation of 30 people is serving for many years with a professional team.
Quality, rigor and seriousness work has demonstrated the principle which aims to make the company and its business success go to work towards better with each passing day.
Organization of fairs has gained considerable importance in recent years in our country and institutional participation of exhibition stand design and implementation of the company has shown improvement in this area.
Trade organizations that want to hire if you need the best stand design and application prompts you as sale offers our customers. Professional architects and engineers with the original and / or the system is in stand design and carry out their project has been manufacturing and applications with full-time experienced team.
Modules in our own house stands and design of the wooden stand, 3D design and graphics work done by our architects and exhibition space in the corporate identity of the best in terms of expressing the material quality components company with static calculations elicit projects to ignore.
Customers' needs;
* Accommodation
* Catering
* Sound System
* Plasma Tv
* Projection
* hostess
* Catalogue Photography and Printing Service also provides support.
Participation in trade fairs aimed at the thought of your corporate identity Ideally the best way to stand out will be proud to work with you to make your organization from architecture to give you excellent service.