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Turkey is at the center of the economic and political divide known as "Eurasia", which is the union of the three continents of the world, Europe, Asia and North Africa. It offers unique business opportunities in the Balkans, in the rest of Europe and in close proximity to the growing markets in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The investments of many international companies confirm that Turkey is a leading investment center and export platform.

Turkey is also the largest investor country in the Caucasus and Central Asian Turkic Republics at the same time. Due to its strong cultural and historical ties, Turkey provides a privileged access and a perfect environment to improve the business volume made by these countries.

Turkey is an important market in the international market to reach over one billion consumers.


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Turkey has grown significantly in the automotive industry in 2015, becoming the world's 15th and Europe's 5th largest automotive producer. In 2013, the Turkish automotive industry manufactured more than 1.12 million vehicles.

Turkey is the largest low-tonnage chemical tanker manufacturer in Europe, ordering many oil tankers, chemical tankers and multi-purpose container ships. Turkey is also the third largest mega-yacht manufacturer in the world.

The developing economy of Turkey reveals the need for infrastructure investment in various industries. In 2013, the government allocated $ 26 billion to the infrastructure sector and decided to strengthen and renovate buildings with 6.5 million inhabitants with a budget of $ 400 billion.

The White Goods Industry is the EU's largest production base with its current production capacity.


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