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"Business; 16 MUSIAD EXPO will invite the investors to take part in the growth and joint venture with the slogan "16. MÜSİAD EXPO will meet the business world to build global business networks, to have a say in global markets, to strengthen SMEs and to accelerate effective growth and B2B addressing new business opportunities it will be.

MÜSİAD EXPO, which welcomes professional visitors from many countries of the world, will hold 8 holdings and more than 700 MÜSİAD members domestic and foreign companies in CNR EXPO on November 9-12 this year. 15. EXPO, which brings together 7,250 distinguished businessmen from 123 countries and over 100 thousand visitors and business world in MUSIAD fair, is expected to see a significant increase in visitor numbers this year. Fuarda will meet many different sectors this year, such as environmental and building materials, construction, textile, automotive, machinery, furniture, food, information technology and defense industry.

Especially for producers and exporters companies, it is very important to reach new developing markets and to use international fairs in this direction. One of the strongest marketing circles, fairs are of great importance for companies that do not want to lose their competitive edge and want to grow. In this context, MUSIAD EXPO is even more prominent this year. This year's priority target of the fair, which welcomes many visitors and procurement delegations from abroad, Africa. MUSIAD, which is heading to the African market this year, aims to increase trade between the two countries by providing businessmen in Nigeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia and South Africa to participate.

20. IBF (International Business Forum)

The IBF-International Business Forum, founded by Muslim businessmen in order to establish a global business network, is managed by an executive board (BOG) consisting of heads of business associations from 22 countries and offers a reliable global business network.

The international business platform, which is held once a year with the congress and its accompanying commercial activities, will take place at WoW Hotel on November 9-12, 2016 at the same time as the 16th MUSIAD EXPO for the 20th time this year.

T.C. The President and the T.C. The Islamic Cooperation Organization, the Standing Committee on Economic and Commercial Cooperation, coordinated by the Ministry of Development, has identified the IBF as the "Official Business Forum" since 2006 as the main topic of this year "Innovation Economy and Investment Ecosystem". It is aimed at raising awareness of how to find and benefit from innovation and entrepreneurial dynamic ecosystem, whether it is a company that wants to develop and grow its business, or an entrepreneur with ideas.

The opening theme of the forum, which will take place in three sessions, is "success behind Turkey's resilient economy". In addition to the main session, the three session titles also cover issues that emphasize the importance of funding, market success and regulation to set up the innovation economy and investment ecosystem. "How to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem," which focuses on the "how to invest and grow your business" investment, "the commercialization of technology and market success" for sales success and finally the role of stakeholders for a productive enterprise ecosystem. .

3. High Tech Port MUSIAD

High Tech Port MUSIAD's third place, T.C., has attracted attention as a vision project that MÜSİAD has put forth in order to get rid of the Middle Income Salt of Turkey. Support and participation of the President of the Republic of Turkey, support and participation of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, T.C. Will be organized in a separate hall within the 16th MÜSİAD EXPO fair on November 9-12 with the support of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the support of industrialists.

This year, more than 20 countries will be interviewed by the defense minister, force commander, airline companies, high-tech companies in Turkey and major producers such as Airbus Boeing and Lockheed Martin. It will be presented.

While the technological products of Turkey are being screened for the world markets with the project of High Tech Port, which is described as a future compass pointing to the direction of the Turkish ship, Turkey's bringing together of high technology companies and target markets, in this sense, aims to create achievements.


MÜSİAD EXPO brings new opportunities for commercial cooperation and global partnerships by bringing together participating businessmen and investors. With great trade capacity and hearted organization, foreign businessmen from Asian countries to European countries to Turkish republics are being held in Istanbul every two years since 1993 with domestic and foreign participating companies.


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