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Modular Exhibition Stand

Ideal Architecture; Modular exhibition stands, custom exhibition stands, timber construction for participants who want to capture the benefits of lower cost is proving to be an attractive alternative.

Stands the cheapest cost is proportional to the cost of the rental amount is lower than other systems. This system consists entirely of aluminum and suntadan the most common system. However, at the same time, this system is very weak elegance of design fairs Standard (package) is used also as stand system.

Aluminum construction with the corporate identity of your company with the products prepared and you still design a custom modular exhibition stands in the foreground may be the ideal solution for you.

Attaching removable parts are brought together and can be used over and over again'' Modular Stands Stands as'' adladırılırlar. Aluminum and mdflam / suntalamlar modular exhibition came together form stands. However, in order to increase the visual aspect, as well as and various materials can be added to the functionality of the stand.


Stand Services Sector

Hotel, poolside, beach and so on. personalized wooden areas, our modular stand construction and sale requests asks whether different designs are evaluated and put into service quickly and economically as rent....



Exhibition Stand How should it be?

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 Special stands are used for more than the company's own original design. In general, the processing of the material consists of wood. Special stands, modular stands is that the advantage of a more aesthetically pleasing.
 Assembly and Disassembly is easy, due to the establishment of fairs are often used as soon as possible. Booth Rental costs are lower than the special stands prefer this system is due to the many companies.
 Traditionally all very different and more modern, modular stands. A wide range of exhibitions in the field of freedom of design that you use this system you will easily be noticed. Maxi Plus system do not decide to have one without the other modular system stands.
 Point of sale promotion related to specific products, produced for the purpose of displaying, quite widespread in recent years, the use of Product Display Stands Fancy extremely useful for the exhibition and promotion.
 Materials Exhibition Stands specially developed for Rent, Digital Printing, Hostess Rental, Catring Service, Image and Sound System, Floor Coverings are available in all of the products, such as help.


Production of Fair Stand

Aluminum and mdflam / chipboards come together to form Modular exhibition stands, but they can also be added in different materials to enhance the stand's functionality and visibility.

Unlike wooden stands, which are assembled and disassembled, the stands that can be used repeatedly are called Modular Stands.

At the end of the fair, the modular stands are re-dismantled and stored at other fairs
re-established as the stand of other companies.

It is used for stands made of Wooden Fair Stands of Chipboard / Paperboard or Mdflam.

Special production is used only once. If you want to use the stand again, you should pay attention to this detail in the design and materials used. With careful workmanship, the stand can be stored and re-installed under proper conditions.


Fair Stand Visual Practices

Chipboard and Paint Stands:
Boards should never be glued on the stand walls painted directly on stained paint stalls. Although it may seem less costly and quick to apply in the near term, this practice is certainly not the right application. In such stands
The application of the visuals directly on the stand wall causes the visuals to disappear after a while, as well as the appearance of orange peel in the eyes.
In such stands, the pictures are first applied on Foreks / Dakota. Foreks / Dakota on the visuals are applied to the stand walls with double-sided tape according to the size of the image or with very fine-tipped nails at the exhibition area
Flipchart and / or Mdflam stands:
Depending on the size and number of the images to be used in the stand, sometimes the companies that implement the application can apply the visuals on the Foreks / Dakota and stand walls. This application is not wrong. However, from a visual point of view, the most appropriate application on such stands is to apply foil prints directly to the stand walls. In such stands, the images are applied directly to the stand walls. This application is the most correct application from the visual point of view.

The modular system consists of stanchion walls on stanchions. On the surface, the application of the images on the stencil provides the most elegant and beautiful view
Strofor (foam writing) in the application of the double-sided tape or silicone can be adhered .. However, due to the heat generated by the lights on the fairground area of ​​the double-sided tape does not give a healthy result and the likelihood of falling letters is very high. You should definitely confirm the sticking of the stand company articles with silicone.




Ideal Architecture; Interior Architecture | Exhibition Stand Design | Wood | Modular | Maxima | Congress | Exhibition stand services.


Maxima Exhibition Stand

Maksima exhibition stand design, rental and maxima exhibition stand application services.


Ideally Architecture

Ideally Architecture

ideal Architecture; It has been serving for many years with its professional team of 30 people in the field of stand design and application.
It has aimed to make quality, meticulousness and the seriousness it has shown to its work as a company principle, and has accomplished successful works on the way to getting better day by day.
Fair organizations have gained serious importance in our country in recent years, and with the participation of corporate companies, fair stand design and application has improved in this area.
It offers the best stand design and applications you need in fair organizations, whether for rental or sale, to our customers. It carries out original and/or system stand designs and projects with its professional architects and engineers, and it carries out production and applications on time with its experienced team.
The design of modular stands and wooden stands, 3D projecting and graphic works within our own structure are carried out by our architects, and with their static calculations, projects that best express the corporate identity of the company in the fairground, do not ignore the quality factor in terms of materials.


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