MMG R & D Innovation Summit and Exhibition

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MMG R & D Innovation Summit and Exhibition

Energy Market Ownership Joint Stock Company (EPİAŞ) was officially established after the completion of the registration procedures on March 18, 2015 subject to the provisions of Electricity Market Law No. 6446 and Turkish Trade Law No. 6102 dated 14.03.2013.

The main aim and activity of EPİAŞ is "to plan, establish, develop and operate energy markets which are included in the market operation license in an effective, transparent, reliable way and meet the needs of the energy market. Providing reliable reference price formation without discrimination among equal parties and becoming an energy market operator that allows the liquidity to reach the highest level with the increasing number of market participants, product variety and transaction volume and to make trade through market mergers. "

EPİAŞ carries out its own internal regulations in subjects and areas where it is authorized.

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