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AYSAF FUARI - Özyüksel Stand Tasarımı

Fuar Alanı Bilgileri

Fuar Başlığı AYSAF FUARI - 2017
Fuar Tarihi 2017-11-27
Hall No
Stand No

Stand Bilgileri

Fuar Başlığı AYSAF FUARI - 2017
Fuar Tarihi 2017-11-27
Hall No
Stand No
Kiralık / Satılık Kiralık
Stand Malzeme Ahşap Fuar Standı
Stand Konumu 2 Tarafı açık
Kat Seçimi Tek Katlı
Zemin Tipi Laminat Parke
Stand En - Boy m2* 4 mt. x 14 mt. = Toplam 56 m2

OZ-YUKSEL Leather Company

We are very pleased to represent OZ-YUKSEL Leather Company, manufacturer of high quality hide leathers for leather goods, footwear, garment, upholstery and other industries. We carry over 180-200 items, classical and also attractive modern lines. Our leather are a blend of high technology and fine art. 
We are distinguished from other tanneries for having a very wide gamma of colors, diverse articles, specific styles and applications, innovated textures, designs and a lot more
We embrace different worldwide markets, promoting the expansion of our articles, for the footwear, garment, upholstery and leather goods industry. Also, All of these articles are produced in cattle leather in whole hides, sides and splits.
Our customers expect the best of us, so every stage in our production cycle is geared towards achieving consistently high quality. 
We are already in our second generation, and we work with the philosophy of continual improvement.
Founded 1980, Tannery Oz-Yuksel has undergone gradual and constant growth.
Thanks to our knowledge and understanding of the age-old art of tanning, transformed by advanced production technologies,
Discover our creativity, research and assurance in our range of innovative, high quality, highly developed materials.

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