Product Display Stand

Ideal Architecture; Firms in certain retail outlets (Market Stands, Parfum & uuml; meri Stands, Stand, etc Pharmacy. Etc.) related & uuml; r & uuml; n order to exhibit; plastic (vacuum thermoforming, plexi and injection), metal (steel, profile pipes, wires), wood (MDF, chipboard) and similar materials with the help of the account-taught shelf, hanger, located components, such as baskets, structure As with pedestal, table & uuml; st & uuml; either structure may also suspend sales and marketing of furniture to the common name.

Product Display Stands are divided into several groups in terms of design and usage.

Display stands according to the structure; standing display stands (stand size), counter top display stands (table-top stand), hanger stand (stand parasite) and tasting stand (Stands taste) dr.

Product Display Stands may also be classified according to the raw materials used in production.
The main raw materials used for the manufacture of metal display stand; Sheet, Profile Pipe and Wire. Plastic raw materials; PS, PVC, Pleksi'ye. Wood raw materials; MDF and chipboard.

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