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Efem International Fair and Congress. Speed. Inc. İstanbul Prohunt Hunting, Weapons & Nature Sports Fair is the biggest international fair organized in Turkey for hunting and nature. The fair is being organized and growing from 2012 to 2014 with the new concept 'Istanbul Prohunt'.

The organization where all sorts of equipment on sporting shooting and land hunting are exhibited attracts attention since the first year when Turkey was organized especially for its success in the arms industry. Participating companies are taking important steps to develop commercial relations by presenting innovative products that orient the future of the industry to the liking of local and foreign guests in Istanbul Prohunt. Istanbul, a center of attraction; international airports, advanced public transport systems and modern fairgrounds. Istanbul Prohunt; the passion of living and creating nature ...


Highlights of Fuad;

- 150 exhibitors and more than 550 brands in agriculture and nature sports,
-The latest developments in the sector and new innovation governance,
-The quality of the globally standard quality which is produced as a result of blending high quality products with fine workmanship,
- Opportunities created in order to open up to new markets and a large buyer's population,
product groups

-Silah and Subsidiary Industry
-Security, Private Security Weapons and Materials
-Electronic and Optical Products
-Advertising Tourist
-Aging and Leather Products
- Fishing boat and equipments
-Outdoor Clothing, Outdoor Sports and Camping Materials
-Road Vehicles
-About Repair Maintenance
-Av Dogs
-Automachinery, Plates and Polygons

Fair Place

Istanbul IDTM Exhibition Center, 34149 Yeşilköy Istanbul


Total Fairgrounds: 55