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Innovations about lifts that have an average of 80 million entries per day in Turkey ...

Istanbul International Elevator Istanbul, which was held on 15th of this year with the support of AYSAD (Association of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists) by İFO Fuarcılık, opened its doors. One of the three biggest fairs in the world, Asansör İstanbul participated in the meeting of 2017 in Tuyap, more than 300 companies from 22 different countries, including global brands that are leading the sector with their technology. The exhibition will be open until 26th March 2017 Sunday, with exhibits of innovations ranging from residential and commercial elevators to hospital elevators, domestic elevators and personal trailers to auto elevators, cargo and service elevators to escalators.

Tüyap Beylikdüzü, which is held at the 15th International Elevator Istanbul, has elevator manufacturers, suppliers, elevator contractors, consultancy companies, training institutions, assembly and security equipment companies and approved institutions as exhibitors. Since 1992, the fair, which brings together the elevator and escalator sectors, has visited a wide range of projects from apartment managers to building owners, elevator users, project, architecture, engineering and consultancy firms, in particular representatives of the construction and building sector.

10 million elevators around the world carry billions of passengers every day!

Currently there are around 10 million elevators around the world, while 5 million 850 thousand elevators in Europe use 1 billion people every day. In Turkey, the active state 450 thousand asansöre, 80 million entries per day is. One of the most frequently used means of transportation in human life is the elevator controls and proper controls to prevent possible accidents. Of the 280,042 elevators that were controlled throughout Turkey in 2016, 73 percent were yellow and 3 percent were yellow, while more than half of these elevators were blue and green.

Sector, high-rise buildings in the city with iron nets!

According to the sector figures, the only railway in Turkey is the elevator rail which is able to cover 1,250 kilometers of railway between Istanbul and Gaziantep. This means that an average of 25 thousand new elevators will enter the market annually.

The agenda for the Asansa is moving to the furos!

Elevator In Istanbul 2017 activities, there will be a rich content program organized by the support of AYSAD and ELA (European Elevator Association), which will be spoken by international speakers, as well as elevator and occupational health & safety sessions organized by İSGDER Job Security Experts Association. Sessions will be held during the fair, each of which is spoken by expert speakers and free of attendance.

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