Educashow Educational Technologies and School Equipments Fair

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Educashow; has been developing and producing new materials, technology and services for the education sector for 10 years in line with the current training needs. It also aims to support the education sector in accordance with its mission, thanks to scientific programs designed to ensure the development of educators.

All higher education institutions participating in Educationalk Education Fairs that have been organized by Dim Size Fairs for 12 years are the potential guardians of Educashow. Thus, training with trainers; companies that have developed their materials, technology and services are getting a lot of communication and communication under the Educashow roof.

As always, Educashow will provide great contributions to the Turkish education sector.


Why should you come? New Products, Seminars and Events ...

Educashow provides testing and comparison of the latest products that enable different age groups and branch teachers, especially teachers focused on one or more subjects, to provide better quality education.

Educashow offers the opportunity to look at hundreds of alternatives at home and abroad in the same environment for educational staff and institutions looking for quality service, the right vehicle recruiter and creating a healthy education and training environment.

Through its seminars, Educashow offers the opportunity to closely follow the latest developments in the sector, technologies that present new educational techniques and approaches.

Educashıw has the opportunity to be aware of the latest products developed to provide better and quality education, and to monitor their promotions.

By visiting Educashow you can closely examine and experience all the innovations of the educational world.


Total Fairgrounds: 55