AYMOD Shoes Fashion Fair

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Cnr Ekspo Exhibition Center Yeşilköy-Bakirkoy- Istanbul

The International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD) organized at CNR EXPO exhibited products produced from children's shoes to slippers, adult shoes, leather bags and accessories. The fair has visited approximately 17 thousand industry professionals, both domestic and foreign.

Handmade shoes and bags attract attention at AYMOD. Polishing of shoes and bags made with 100% natural methods is done with egg whites and it is made with a paste of grass.

The International Shoe Fashion Fair (AYMOD), which guides world fashion in the footwear sector, was held for the 57th time at CNR EXPO Yesilkoy. The fair attracted some 17,000 industry professionals, including 866 foreigners. The fuara, which was hosted by a purchasing delegation from 59 countries, attracted more than 1,400 domestic and foreign brands. Shoe store chains participating in AYMOD in many countries including Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Iran have requested to co-produce with domestic companies.

The fuarda showcased a large number of product groups ranging from children's shoes to slippers, adult shoes to leather bags and accessories, and special stands and stands with handmade shoes and bags attracted a great deal of attention. In the fuard where the stylish shoes were placed, the attention was drawn to the fact that the hand gauntlet bags and shoes were obtained by natural means without using any chemicals. Designer Fatma Menteş said that while making shoe and bag, they polished it with egg whites, and that they made the paste process with gingerbread. Menteş stated that he made a pair of shoes in 10 days and handbags in 3 days and emphasized that handmade shoes prevent the formation of fungus and that it is also important for health.

Women's indispensable hairy shoes
Fuarda 2017-18 Autumn-winter season trends of shoes and saddlery were determined. Next year on men's shoes, thick-soled shoes, posters will be on sale. Classic men's shoes will have brown, burgundy, navy blue, and shoe and burgundy tones will be on the forefront. In next year, women's shoes will be a trend of long stretch outfits made of velvet and shiny fabric. Feathered shoes and velvet sport shoes will be indispensable for women in summer and winter.

Full support from AYMOD
AYMOD was supported by Pozitif Fuarcılık, a subsidiary of CNR Holding, under the support of Turkish Industry Associations (TASD), Turkish Footwear Sector Research and Development Education Foundation (TASEV), Turkey Umum Shoes Manufacturers Federation (TUAF), Istanbul Shoe Craftsman Chamber of Industry (İAESO).


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