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Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair

Distinguished Participants, Our Visitors and Distinguished Members of the Agricultural Sector,

Welcome to the Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies fair, organized by UBM NTSR and steadily growing every year, leading the agriculture sector.

UBM is a leading exhibition and communication company that has more than 5.000 employees with 96 years history and more than 400 international exhibitions and conference-summit organizers operating in 30 countries annually, bringing over 2 million exhibitors and visitors every year and creating business opportunities.

Growtech Eurasia, Greenhouses and Technologies, Agriculture Technologies and Equipments, Irrigation Systems, Seed Growing, Plant Growth and Growth in Antalya, which is the leading trade fair of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Caucasus and growing every year in the international arena and growing steadily, Forestry, Plant Nutrition and Protection, Biological Fighting, Agricultural Machinery and Equipments.

Growtech Eurasia International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair, which collects every building industry under one roof, as well as giant companies that export their land to the world markets, are celebrating their 17th birthday this year. This year, more than 800 leading companies and brands from more than 30 countries will be developed this year, and the number of visitors will be further improved, and 85 thousand over 85 thousand industry professionals will be hosted at Growtech Eurasia 2017 Agriculture Fair.

Within the scope of the fair program; Coordinated with the Ministry of Economy, the "Buying Mission Program" will be organized under the organization of the Western Mediterranean Exporters' Association. Bilateral negotiations will be held for agriculture sector companies, which will allow the development of trade, potential buyers of environmental countries and decision-makers will be joined, and commercial cooperation will be ensured and will continue throughout the fair.

Within the scope of Growtech Eurasia, the Growtech Agricultural Awards will be awarded for the tenth time for the added value of agricultural production and for innovative work.

We would like to thank the valuable participants of the Growtech Eurasia Fair and the efficient exhibition fairs and witnessing a strong commercial platform with this international trade fair that we have organized and we would like to thank all the companies that have participated in the sector and the support they have given to industry and press members.


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