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AYMOD Shoes Fashion Fair

Eurasia | Eurasia Elevator Fair - CNR Expo

Hostech By TUSID

CNR İMOB International İstanbul Furniture Fair

TUYAP EMITT Tourism Fair



Emsaş İnşaat Turz. AŞ.

Emsaş İnşaat Turz. AŞ.

The Company has put the seal of success on many projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, Belarus and gradually continues to progress with the help of its professional staff. EMSAŞ is involved in a variety of business development activities in USA, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Angola. The suc
Dirinler Machines Industry and Commerce

Dirinler Machines Industry and Commerce

Dirinler Companies Group is a family establishment making industrial and commercial activities since 1952.
There are four factories where the machinery and product manufacturing and one marketing company; a foreign trade company organizing the export and import works of the companies group in the compa