Apparel Machinery Fair

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Place: Tuyap Istanbul Fair and Congress Center

Apparel Machinery - TÜYAP

Garment Sewing Machines Manufacturers
Cutter, Cutting Machine Manufacturers
Ironing Machine and Press Producer
Laser Cutting Machines Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Embroidery Machines
Quilting, Bedding, Quilt Machinery Manufacturers
Digital Printing Machines and Material Manufacturers
Folding and Packing Machines Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Cleaning Machines
Quality Control Devices Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Quantity Measuring Machines
Software, CAD-CAM Manufacturers
Storage and Suspension Systems Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Labeling and Pattern Printing Systems
Machinery Side Industry Manufacturers
Plotter Paper Manufacturers
Sewing and Embroidery Yarn Manufacturers
Stamps, Sequins, Sub-industry producers
Manufacturers of ready-made clothing logistics services
Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Manufacturers
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturers

Ready-to-wear garments producers
Underwear Manufacturers
Home Textile Manufacturers
Bed, Quilt and Quilting Manufacturers
Embroidery Industry
Apparel Machinery Dealers
Apparel Machinery Side Industry
Apparel Auxiliary Materials
Label Printing Sector
Shoes, Sailmakers
Leather Garment Manufacturers
Tents, tarpaulins and tarpaulin producers
Automotive Flooring Industry
Sofa, Sofa Manufacturers
Sack Sewing Firms
Yarn Industry
Dry Cleaners
Military Planting Houses
Pattern Printing and Laser Systems Users


Total Fairgrounds: 55